Basquiat Breaks Auction Record at Christie’s

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An untitled painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat broke the artist's world auction record, selling for $57.3 million at Christie's on May 10.

An untitled painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat broke the artist’s world auction record, selling for $57.3 million at Christie’s on May 10.

Christie’s major sale of postwar and contemporary art at Rockefeller Center in New York scored $318.4 million on Tuesday evening, near the low end of the presale estimate of $285.6 million to $398.2 million. Of 60 lots on offer (one was withdrawn), 52, or 87 percent, were sold.

Even considering the addition of Loic Gouzer’s $78 million hybrid “Bound to Fail” sale on May 8, totals to date—total current Christie’s sales of about $400 million—are a fraction of what they were last year.

In comparison, last year’s “Looking Forward to the Past” sale raked in $705.9 million, followed several nights later by a dedicated Christie’s postwar and contemporary sale that was not far behind, with $658.5 million. The two-sale total amounted to a mind-boggling $1.4 billion.

The Basquiat buyer…

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Where The Space Buffalo Roam

Where The Space Buffalo Roam is a mixed media by Surj LA which was uploaded on March 31st, 2016.   The mixed media has colors ranging from ultramarine to gamboge and incorporates starry night, modern starry night, and gold foil design themes. Where the “Space” Buffalo Roam. A new vision on an infinite classic Van Gogh’s Masterpiece…


Where the “Space” Buffalo Roam. A new vision on an infinite classic Van Gogh’s Masterpiece “Starry Night.” In this painting, we have a couple of Buffalo roaming to their destination “unknown.” An empty road, leading to the furthest reaches of the universe. A multi-layer stencil with plentiful colors. This is a nice addition for the serious and the adventurous collector! Hope you enjoy!


This Is The World’s First Pop Art Bentley

The stuffy Brit shows its lighter side.


Bentley has commissioned British pop art legend, Sir Peter Blake, to create the world’s first pop art Bentley. Using a Continental GT V8 S as his canvas, Sir Peter’s trademark heart motif and use of collage features striking, but clearly defined, colors. St. Luke’s Blue adorns the doors, boot lid and rear haunches. The hood is finished in Continental Yellow and British Racing Green was used for the lower body and Fuchsia pink was applied to the radiator shell.

Warhol Has An Army

Description: “Warhol has an Army” –  The double iconic imagery of Andy Warhol and 80’s Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator! The black back drop lends itself nicely to the black leather look of the jacket, and black shades. . . . Very little paint is actually applied other than the black. . .  .Some nice…